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Message of the President

The HKFMS Foundation Limited (The Foundation) is a charitable organization affiliated to the Federation of Medical Societies of Hong Kong (the Federation). It was inaugurated in 1999 with an aim to raise funds to promote better health care in Hong Kong through sponsorship of educational activities and research on health promotion, prevention and control of diseases in the community. With the collaboration of its 117 members - consisting of medical, dental, nursing and allied health professional associations, the Foundation is poised to promote better health and health care for the community in a multi-disciplinary approach.

In July 2001, in conjunction with the Zonta Clubs of Hong Kong, a Health Van Project was organized to promote awareness of breast health and the early detection of breast cancer. Hundreds of volunteer workers (nurses, health professionals, doctors and students) have been recruited to accompany the modified 17 seater van going to various sites in Hong Kong including housing estates and community centres, to distribute leaflets on breast health, information on mammograms, breast self-examination and screening for breast cancer.

During the SARS crisis in March last year, the Foundation provided a series of Public Health Education visits to housing estates, distributing leaflet and free gifts about SARS to general public, encouraging them to wear mask and educating them on the proper way in choosing and wearing mask, washing hands, using ear thermometer, taking nutrients, doing physical exercise etc., with medical doctors/nurses on-site to answer enquiries. We also coordinated experts to answer queries about the epidemics on radio phone-in program.

Towards the end of 2003, the Foundation is extremely proud to be among the winners of the AEON Love and Care Campaign. Our project on Cervical and Breast Cancer Awareness wins the most vote simply because the general public too sees the imminent threat of these two diseases to the health of our community.

In the coming few months we vow to arrange outreach field trips with our Zonta Health Van to various estates, propagate the importance and means to keep us watchful of these 2 health hazards. Populous areas will be our primary sites so that our visits would be most efficient and effective.

We are grateful to the many volunteers who so generously give up their time and efforts in support of this project. Our heart also goes out to Dr Chan Yik Ming who has so kindly taken up the important role of advisor to our team. Of course I would like to thank once again AEON for providing such an opportunity so that in the end it is the people of Hong Kong who benefit.

For the benefit of the people of Hong Kong, the Foundation has plan in promoting different health issues in different population groups. The next project we have in mind is one for the Health of Men. We simply cannot and should not forget the concern of the male population that very likely is becoming the fairer sex!

In the 21st century, while we are enjoying the advent of technology in all aspects, we are facing an ever-increasing tension in life. To promote a Healthier Life Style for us in the new millennium becomes more and more crucial. The Foundation together with its many health care experts is committed to arousing the attention of the public and to lead them for the betterment of Hong Kong - a mission that we always bear.

Dr. Dawson Fong
The HKFMS Foundation Limited

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