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All Medical Diary Journal Abstracts

Office Bearer for the Member Societies

Founder Members
British Medical Association (HK Branch)
President :Dr. Raymond See-kit LOHon. Secretary :Dr. Terry Che-wai HUNG
Council Rep. :Dr. Raymond See-kit LOTel :2526 8422
 Fax :2526 8433

The Hong Kong Medical Association
President :Dr. Kin CHOIHon. Secretary :Dr. Pierre CHAN
Council Rep. :Dr. YEUNG Hip-wo, VictorTel :2527 8285
 Fax :2865 0943
Ordinary Members
American College of Surgeons (China Hong Kong Chapter)
President :Prof. Richard Kwong-yin LOHon. Secretary :Dr. Jeff Wing-chiu DAI
Council Rep. :Prof. Richard Kwong-yin LOTel :2255 4910

Association of Private Orthopaedic Surgeons Limited
President :Dr. William Wai-lam CHANHon. Secretary :Dr. Stephen Chor-yaz CHUNG
Council Rep. :Dr. William Wai-lam CHANTel :2507 1039
 Fax :9224 5656

Australian Doctors & Dentists Association of Hong Kong
President :Dr. Ben FONGHon. Secretary :Dr. Robert LI
Council Rep. :Dr. Eugene CHAN  

CHEST Delegation Hong Kong and Macau Limited
President :Dr. Wai-kei LAMHon. Secretary :Dr. Yiu-cheong YEUNG
Council Rep. :Dr. Wai-kei LAMTel :2990 3737
 Fax :2990 3333

Hong Kong Association of Cosmetic Surgery Limited
President :Dr. Elvis Wai-ying LEEHon. Secretary :Dr LEE Kin-wing
Council Rep. :Dr. Elvis Wai-ying LEETel :2200 3211
 Fax :2200 3418

Hong Kong Association of Medical Laboratories Limited
President :Dr. Wai-chu LIHon. Secretary :Dr. Lai-chun CHU
Council Rep. :Dr. Wai-chu LITel :2396 1959
 Fax :2381 5909

Hong Kong Association of Medical Microbiologists
Chairman :Dr. Dominic Ngai-chong TSANGHon. Secretary :Prof. Mamie HUI
Council Rep. :Dr. Dominic Ngai-chong TSANGTel :2632 1269
 Fax :2645 1256

Hong Kong Association of Rehabilitation Medicine
President :Dr. Siu-Pui LAMHon. Secretary :Dr. Gina Ching-han FONG
Council Rep. :Dr. Siu-Pui LAMEmail

Hong Kong Chinese Medical Association Limited
President :Dr. Jane Chun-kwong CHANHon. Secretary :Dr. Samuel KWOK
Council Rep. :Dr. Jane Chun-kwong CHANEmail

Hong Kong College of Cardiology
President :Dr. Godwin Tat-chi LEUNGHon. Secretary :Dr. Kwok-keung CHAN
Council Rep. :Dr. Chung-seung CHIANGTel :2899 2035
 Fax :2899 2045

Hong Kong College of Dermatologists Limited
President :Dr. Chi-keung LEUNGHon. Secretary :Dr. Sze-man WONG
Council Rep. :Dr. Sze-man WONGTel :2155 8557
 Fax :2559 6910

Hong Kong College of Emergency Medicine
President :Dr. Wing-yee WUHon. Secretary :Dr. Kuang-an WAN
Council Rep. :Dr. Kuang-an WANTel :2871 8874
 Fax :2554 2913

Hong Kong College of Radiologists
President :Dr. Yiu-chung WONGHon. Secretary :Dr. Alta Yee-tak LAI
Council Rep. :Dr. Ka-on LAMEmail

Hong Kong Dental Association (Ltd.)
President :Dr. Nelson Chi-wai WONGHon. Secretary :Dr. Michael Sau-fung
Council Rep. :Dr. Charles Yat-cheong YEUNGTel :2528 5327
 Fax :2529 0755

Hong Kong Head & Neck Society
President :Dr. Michael Koon-ming, KAMHon. Secretary :Dr Eddy Wai-yeung WONG
Council Rep. :Dr Eddy Wai-yeung WONGTel :2632 1877

Hong Kong Paediatric Haematology & Oncology Study Group
President :Dr. Anthony Pak-yin LIUHon. Secretary :Dr. Grace Pui-yung TONG
Council Rep. :Dr. Anthony Pak-yin LIUEmail

Hong Kong Paediatric Nephrology Society
President :Dr. Wai-ming LAIHon. Secretary :Dr. Alison Lap-tak MA
Council Rep. :Dr. Wai-ming LAITel :3513 3888

Hong Kong Society for Coloproctology Limited
President :Prof. Simon Siu-man NGHon. Secretary :Dr. Tony Wing-chug MAK
Council Rep. :Prof. Simon Siu-man NGEmail

Hong Kong Society for Emergency Medicine and Surgery Limited
President :Dr. Sam Siu-ming YANGHon. Secretary :Dr. Kaiser King-yung CHIU
Council Rep. :Dr. Sam Siu-ming YANGEmail

Hong Kong Society for Paediatric Rheumatology
President :Dr. Winnie Kwai-yu CHANHon. Secretary :Dr. Sum-yi KONG
Council Rep. :Dr. Assunta Chi-hang HOTel :3517 7903

Hong Kong Society of Biological Psychiatry Ltd.
President :Dr Michael Ming-cheuk WONG Hon. Secretary :Dr. Henry Hon-kee CHEUNG
Council Rep. :Dr Michael Ming-cheuk WONG Tel :23339881

Hong Kong Society of Breast Surgeons Limited
President :Dr Polly Suk-yee CHEUNGHon. Secretary :Dr Sharon Wing-wai CHAN
Council Rep. :Dr Polly Suk-yee CHEUNGEmail

Hong Kong Society of Clinical Oncology
President :Dr. Gordon Kwok-hung AUHon. Secretary :Dr. William FOO
Council Rep. :Dr. William FOOTel :2339 8501
 Fax :2338 0261

Hong Kong Society of Minimal Access Surgery
President :Dr. Kwok-kay YAUHon. Secretary :Dr. George Pei-cheung YANG
Council Rep. :Dr. Kwok-kay YAUTel :2595 6417
 Fax :2515 3195

Hong Kong Society of Nephrology Limited
President :Dr. Sunny Sze-ho WONGHon. Secretary :Dr. Desmond Yat-hin YAP
Council Rep. :Dr. Sunny Sze-ho WONGEmail

Hong Kong Society of Oral Implantology
President :Dr. Caesar Po-ngok WONGHon. Secretary :Dr. Ping-keung CHAN
Council Rep. :Dr. Kwok-keung CHANTel :2522 5571
 Fax :2524 3557

Hong Kong Society of Orthodontists Limited
President :Dr. Chanh-duong TRANHon. Secretary :Dr. Alice May-kuen WONG
Council Rep. :Dr. Chanh-duong TRANTel :2466 9875
 Fax :2466 9865

Hong Kong Society of Paediatric Dentistry
President :Dr. Kitty M.Y. HSEHon. Secretary :Dr. Gillian H.M. Lee
Council Rep. :Dr. Kitty M.Y. HSETel :2859 0251
 Fax :2559 3803

Hong Kong Society of Paediatric Respirology and Allergy Limited
President :Prof. Ellis Kam-lun HONHon. Secretary :Dr. Eric Yat-tung CHAN
Council Rep. :Prof. Ellis Kam-lun HONEmail

Hong Kong Society of Palliative Medicine
President :Dr. Chun-wing HOHon. Secretary :Dr. Benjamin Hon-wai CHENG
Council Rep. :Dr. Chun-wing HOEmail

Hong Kong Surgical Laser Association
President :Dr. Jane Chun-chun YEUNGHon. Secretary :Dr. Mei LAM
Council Rep. :Dr. Mei LAMTel :2522 2204
 Fax :2832 6669

Hong Kong Thoracic Society Limited
President :Dr. Sin-man LAMHon. Secretary :Dr. Wai-lam LAW
Council Rep. :Dr. Wai-lam LAWTel :3506 2112
 Fax :2215 1150

Hong Kong Urological Association
President :Dr. James Cheuk-man LIHon. Secretary :Prof. Peter Ka-fung CHIU
Council Rep. :Dr. James Cheuk-man LITel :51271334

International College of Surgeons (Hong Kong Section)
President :Dr. Felix Wu-shun WONGHon. Secretary :Dr. Leung-kwok CHAN
Council Rep. :Prof. Wu-shun WONGTel :3113 3232
 Fax :3113 1388

Paediatric Neurology Association of Hong Kong
President :Dr. Shuk-mui TAKHon. Secretary :Dr. Grace Sui-fun NG
Council Rep. :Dr. Shuk-mui TAKEmail

St. Paul's Doctors' Association
Chairman :Dr. Sau-ying TOHon. Secretary :Dr. Robert LI
Council Rep. :Dr. Ka-leung CHUNGTel :2890 8774
 Fax :2577 2781

The British Institute of Radiology (Hong Kong Branch)
Chairman :Dr. Sunny Chi-sing CHENGHon. Secretary :Mr. Lawrence YIP
Council Rep. :Dr. Raymand LEETel :2855 5477
 Fax :2855 5497

The College of Dental Surgeons of Hong Kong
President :Dr. Katherine Chiu-man LEUNGHon. Secretary :Dr. Fu-tak HO
Council Rep. :Dr. Ricky Wing-kit WONGEmail
 Tel :2871 8866
 Fax :2873 6731

The Guild of St. Luke, St. Cosmas and St. Damian Hong Kong Limited
Master :Dr. Ambrose Cheuk-sun LEUNGHon. Secretary :Dr. Leslie FOK
Council Rep. :Dr. Chi-ming POON  

The Hong Kong Association for the Study of Liver Diseases Limited
President :Dr. Yee-tak HUIHon. Secretary :Dr. Grace Lai-hung WONG
Council Rep. :Dr. Yee-tak HUIEmail

The Hong Kong Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons Ltd.
President :Dr. Yiu-yan LEUNGHon. Secretary :Dr. Mei-man CHONG
Council Rep. :Dr. Yiu-yan LEUNGEmail

The Hong Kong Cancer Therapy Society
President :Dr. Janice TSANGHon. Secretary :Dr. Ka-on LAM
Council Rep. :Dr. Janice TSANGEmail

The Hong Kong College of Anaesthesiologists
President :Prof Chi-wai CHEUNGHon. Secretary :Dr. Simon Kin-cheong CHAN
Council Rep. :Dr. Tsun-woon LEETel :2871 8833
 Fax :2814 1029

The Hong Kong College of Family Physicians
President :Dr. David Vai-kiong CHAOHon. Secretary :Dr. William Chi-wai WONG
Council Rep. :Dr. David Vai-kiong CHAOTel :2871 8899
 Fax :2866 0616

The Hong Kong College of Paediatricians
President :Dr Winnie Wing-yee TSEHon. Secretary :Dr Nai-ching FONG
Council Rep. :Dr Nai-ching FONGTel :2871 8871
 Fax :2785 1850

The Hong Kong College of Psychiatrists
President :Dr. Roger Man-kin NGHon. Secretary :Dr. Chi-wing LAW
Council Rep. :Dr. Samson Yat-yuk FONGTel :2871 8777
 Fax :2870 1391

The Hong Kong Geriatrics Society
President :Dr. Jenny Shun-wah LEEHon. Secretary :Dr. Sze-ting LAU
Council Rep. :Dr. Stanley Kui-fu TAMTel :2374 1289
 Fax :2396 6465

The Hong Kong Institute of Allergy
President :Dr. Gary Wing-kin WONGHon. Secretary :Dr. Helen Hei-ling CHAN
Council Rep. :Dr. Gary Wing-kin WONGTel :3520 1505
 Fax :2559 6910

The Hong Kong Neurosurgical Society
President :Dr. LEE Wing-yanHon. Secretary :Dr. Calvin Hoi-kwan MAK
Council Rep. :Dr. Michael Wing-yan LEETel :3506 8887
 Fax :2384 5594

The Hong Kong Ophthalmological Society
President :Dr. Ian Yat-hin WONGHon. Secretary :Dr. Tommy Chung-yan CHAN
Council Rep. :Dr. Jason Cheuk-sing YAMTel :2761 9128
 Fax :2715 0089

The Hong Kong Orthopaedic Association
President :Hon. Secretary :Dr. Kenneth Kin-yan CHAN
Council Rep. :Dr. Kenneth Kin-yan CHANTel :2255 4257
 Fax :2817 4392

The Hong Kong Paediatric Society
President :Dr. Patrick IPHon. Secretary :Dr. David Chi-kong LUK
 Tel :2578 3833
 Fax :2578 3929

The Hong Kong Society for Colposcopy and Cervical Pathology
President :Dr. Jacqueline Ho-sze LEEHon. Secretary :Dr. Jessica Yun-pui LAW
Council Rep. :Dr. Jacqueline Ho-sze LEETel :2595 6111
 Fax :

The Hong Kong Society for Infectious Diseases
President :Dr. Ada Wai-chi LINHon. Secretary :Dr. Heather Ki-wai TO
Council Rep. :Dr. Ada Wai-chi LINTel :2116 2905

The Hong Kong Society for Paediatric Immunology Allergy and Infectious Diseases
President :Dr. Wai-hung CHANHon. Secretary :Dr. Agnes Sze-yin LEUNG
Council Rep. :Dr. Pamela Pui-wah LEEEmail

The Hong Kong Society of Child Neurology & Developmental Paediatrics
President :Dr. Chok-wan CHANHon. Secretary :Dr. Stephenie Ka-yee LIU
Council Rep. :Dr. Wai-kwong CHAKTel :2370 1887
 Fax :2744 8579

The Hong Kong Society of Community Medicine
Chairman :Dr. Edmund FONGHon. Secretary :Dr. Zenith Hin-yam WU
Council Rep. :Dr. Edmund FONGTel :2125 2320
 Fax :2375 8451

The Hong Kong Society of Dermatology & Venereology
President :Dr. Fong-cheng IPHon. Secretary :Dr. Christin Man-tung CHEUNG
Council Rep. :Dr. Fong-cheng IPTel :2155 8557
 Fax :2559 6910

The Hong Kong Society of Diagnostic Radiologists
President :Dr. Chong-boon TANHon. Secretary :Dr. Danny Hing-yan CHO
Council Rep. :Dr. Chong-boon TANTel :3517 5239
 Fax :3517 5454

The Hong Kong Society of Digestive Endoscopy
President :Dr. William Sai-chik CHAOHon. Secretary :Prof. James Yun-wong LAU
Council Rep. :Prof. James Yun-wong LAUTel :2632 2644
 Fax :2332 4708

The Hong Kong Society of Gastroenterology
President :Dr. Jodis Ting-wa LAMHon. Secretary :Dr. Chi-ming LAM
Council Rep. :Dr. Yat-wah YEUNGTel :2869 5933
 Fax :2869 9533

The Hong Kong Society of Gastrointestinal Motility
President :Dr. Annie On-on CHANHon. Secretary :Dr. Wan-chee SZE
Council Rep. :Dr. Annie On-on CHANTel :2368 3099
 Fax :2368 9910

The Hong Kong Society of Haematology
Chairman :Dr Man-fai LAWHon. Secretary :Dr. Joycelyn Pui-yin SIM
Council Rep. :Dr. Joycelyn Pui-yin SIMTel :2255 3975

The Hong Kong Society of Hospital Dentistry
Chairman :Dr. Albert Chun-fung LEUNGHon. Secretary :Dr. Charles Ngok-fung YU
Council Rep. :Dr. Wai-ming TSANGTel :2735 5155
 Fax :2735 5199

The Hong Kong Society of Occupational and Environmental Medicine
President :Dr. King-hong CHANHon. Secretary :Dr. Yu KWAN
Council Rep. :Dr. Yu KWANEmail
 Tel :2341 7969

The Hong Kong Society of Otorhinolaryngology, Head & Neck Surgery
President :Dr. Raymond King-yin TSANGHon. Secretary :Dr. Fiona Chui-yan WONG
Council Rep. :Dr. Raymond King-yin TSANGTel :2648 8898
 Fax :2647 1921

The Hong Kong Society of Paediatric Surgery Limited
President :Dr. Jennifer Dart-yin SIHOEHon. Secretary :Dr. Kenneth Lap-yan CHUNG
Council Rep. :Dr. Jennifer Dart-yin SIHOETel :3506 2132
 Fax :3506 8887

The Hong Kong Society of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeons
President :Dr. Daniel Tin-chak LEEHon. Secretary :Dr LAM Lai-kum
Council Rep. :Dr LAM Lai-kumTel :2899 2398
 Fax :2899 2336

The Hong Kong Society of Rheumatology
President :Dr. Chi-hung TOHon. Secretary :Dr. Carrel Ka-lung YU
Council Rep. :Dr. Chi-hung TOTel :2396 6468

The Hong Kong Society of Sleep Medicine
President :Dr. Kin-wang TOHon. Secretary :Dr. Joey Wing-yar CHAN
Council Rep. :Dr. Joseph Chun-kit CHUNGTel :3919 7500

The North American Medical Association Limited
President :Dr. Patrick KOHon. Secretary :Dr. Marcus MARCET
Council Rep. :Dr. Marcus MARCETTel :2835 8880

The Obstetrical and Gynaecological Society of Hong Kong
President :Dr. Kwok-keung TANGHon. Secretary :Dr. Ka-yu TSE
Council Rep. :Dr. Kwok-keung TANGEmail

The Osteoporosis Society of Hong Kong
President :Dr. Sze-hung WONGHon. Secretary :Dr. Iris Sze-ling NGAI
Council Rep. :Dr. Sze-hung WONG  
 Fax :2369 0336

The Society of Anaesthetists of Hong Kong
President :Dr. Yee-eot CHEEHon. Secretary :Dr. Chi-wing CHAN
Council Rep. :Mr. Isaac CHENGTel :2255 5791
Associate Members
Asian Dermatological Association Limited
President :Prof. Chrang-shi LINHon. Secretary :Dr. IP Fong-cheng
Council Rep. :Dr. IP Fong-chengEmail
 Fax :2727 8323

Association for Integrative Aesthetic Medicine, Hong Kong Limited
President :Dr. King-man HOHon. Secretary :Dr. Steven King-fan LOO
Council Rep. :Dr. Steven King-fan LOOTel :3489 0602

College of Nursing, Hong Kong
President :Ms. Ellen Wai-yin KUHon. Secretary :Ms. Fung-kwan CHOW
Council Rep. :Ms. Amy Suk-wan CHANTel :2572 9255
 Fax :2838 6280

Hear Talk Foundation Limited
Chairman :Prof. Michael Chi-fai TONGHon. Secretary :Dr Iris Hoi-yee NG
Council Rep. :Prof. Michael Chi-fai TONGTel :2648 8898
 Fax :2647 1921

Hong Kong Association for Child and Adolescent Psychology and Psychiatry
Chairman :Dr. Rachel Sui-man POON MAK Hon. Secretary :Dr Flora Yi-man MO
Council Rep. :Dr. Rachel Sui-man POON MAK Tel :2689 2529

Hong Kong Association for Integration of Chinese-Western Medicine
President :Prof. Zhixiu LINHon. Secretary :CMP Chong-ching CHAN
Council Rep. :Prof. Zhixiu LINTel :3119 1858

Hong Kong Association of Dental Surgery Assistants
President :Ms. May-ying CHUNGHon. Secretary :Ms. Jenny Lai-kuen LEUNG
Council Rep. :Ms. Jenny Lai-kuen LEUNGTel :2859 0325
 Fax :2547 0164

Hong Kong Association of Sports Medicine & Sports Science Limited
President :Prof. Patrick Shu-hang YUNGHon. Secretary :Dr. Bryan Siu-fung LAU
Council Rep. :Prof. Patrick Shu-hang YUNGTel :2646 4555

Hong Kong Clinical Psychologists Association
Chairperson :Dr. Eliza Yee-lai CHEUNGHon. Secretary :Ms. Yan-ting LIU
Council Rep. :Dr. Eliza Yee-lai CHEUNGTel :3755 7210

Hong Kong College of Chinese Medicinal Nursing Limited
President :Ms. Erika Yin-hing HUIHon. Secretary :Mr. David Tai-wai LEUNG
Council Rep. :Ms. Erika Yin-hing HUITel :3188 4531
 Fax :3188 4532

Hong Kong College of Health Service Executives Limited
President :Dr. Hok-cheung MAHon. Secretary :Ms. Clarice Tsz-kiu LAU
Council Rep. :Dr. Fowie Sze-fung NGEmail

Hong Kong Dietitians Association Ltd
Chairlady :Ms. Ching YAUHon. Secretary :Mr. Enoch Tin-lap LI
Council Rep. :Ms. Ching YAUEmail

Hong Kong Disaster Medicine Association
Chairman :Dr. Kin-kwan LAMHon. Secretary :Mr. Eddie Lok-hin LAM
Council Rep. :Dr. Kin-kwan LAMEmail

Hong Kong Institute of Medical Laboratory Sciences Limited
Chairman :Ms.Wai-ling YUNGHon. Secretary :Mr. Wing-yin HO
Council Rep. :Ms.Wai-ling YUNGTel :2499 0015
 Fax :2499 0382

Hong Kong Institute of Occupational & Environmental Hygiene
President :Mr Ralph Kai-yip LEEHon. Secretary :Ms Karen Hoi-yan YU
Council Rep. :Mr Ralph Kai-yip LEEEmail

Hong Kong Midwives Association
President :Dr. Irene Lai-yin LEEHon. Secretary :Ms. Siana Po-yuk LAU
Council Rep. :Dr. Irene Lai-yin LEETel :2893 8800
 Fax :2572 5329

Hong Kong Museum of Medical Sciences Society
President :Dr. Edwin YUHon. Secretary :Dr. Shiobhon LUK
Council Rep. :Dr. Edwin YUTel :2549 5123
 Fax :2559 9458

Hong Kong Nutrition Association Limited
President :Mr. Gordon Chi-leung CHEUNGHon. Secretary :Mr Lok-tsung CHAN
Council Rep. :Mr. Gordon Chi-leung CHEUNGEmail

Hong Kong Obesity Society Limited
President :Dr Michele Mae-ann YUENHon. Secretary :Dr JoJo Siu-han HAI

Hong Kong Occupational Therapy Association
President :Ms. Stella CHENGHon. Secretary :Ms. YEUNG Lo, Jenny
Council Rep. :Mr. Samuel Yan-chi CHANTel :2777 5588

Hong Kong Palliative Nursing Association
Chairperson :Ms. Chun-hung CHANHon. Secretary :Ms. Annda Ming-yuet LUM
Council Rep. :Ms. Chun-hung CHANTel :3506 8777
 Fax :3506 8749

Hong Kong Pharmacology Society
President :Prof. Brian TOMLINSONHon. Secretary :Prof. Alaster Hang-yung LAU
Council Rep. :Prof. Alaster Hang-yung LAUTel :3943 6846
 Fax :2603 5139

Hong Kong Physiotherapy Association Limited
President :Prof. Marco Yiu-chung PANGHon. Secretary :Ms. Anna Bella Mei-yee SUEN
Council Rep. :Dr. Arnold Yu-lok WONGEmail

Hong Kong Practising Dietitians Union
Chairman :Ms. Shi-po POONHon. Secretary :Ms. YUNG Yan, Ingrid
Council Rep. :Ms. Shi-po POONEmail
 Fax :3020 6670

Hong Kong Psychogeriatric Association Limited
President :Dr. Siu-wah LIHon. Secretary :Dr. Charles Yuk-cheong YIP
Council Rep. :Dr. Charles Yuk-cheong YIPTel :2456 7111
Fax :2466 9865

Hong Kong Society for Healthcare Mediation Limited
President :Dr Ludwig Chun-hing TSOIHon. Secretary :Dr Abraham Wai-ka CHUNG
Council Rep. :Dr Ludwig Chun-hing TSOIEmail
 Dr Abraham Wai-ka CHUNG  

Hong Kong Society for Histocompatibility and Immunogenetics Limited
President :Dr. Vincent LEEHon. Secretary :Dr. Pamela Pui-wah LEE
Council Rep. :Dr. Vincent LEETel :2255 1134
 Fax :2255 3909

Hong Kong Society for Microbiology and Infection
President :Prof. Christopher Koon-chi LAIHon. Secretary :Dr. Kin-piing LEE
Council Rep. :Prof. Christopher Koon-chi LAITel :3126 9938
Fax :3126 9980

Hong Kong Society for Molecular Diagnostic Sciences Limited
President :Dr. Hang-mei LEUNGHon. Secretary :Dr. Wai-ting HUI
Council Rep. :Dr. Daniel Chuen-chu TAMEmail

Hong Kong Society for Nursing Education Limited
Chairperson :Dr. Eliza Mi-ling WONGHon. Secretary :Dr. Conny Sau-man CHAN
Council Rep. :Dr. Eliza Mi-ling WONGTel :3943 4432

Hong Kong Society for the Study of Thalassaemia
Chairman :Dr. Cheuk-kwong LEEHon. Secretary :Dr. Vincent LEE
Council Rep. :Dr. Vincent LEEEmail

Hong Kong Society for Ultrasound in Medicine Limited
President :Dr. Kwok-yin LEUNGHon. Secretary :Dr. Wing-cheong LEUNG
Council Rep. :Dr. Kwok-yin LEUNGEmail
Tel :3517 5056
Fax :3517 5269

Hong Kong Society of Clinical Chemistry
President :Dr. Iris HS CHANSecretary :Dr. Cybil TY WONG
Council Rep. :Dr. July PS LAITel :2919 7219
 Fax :2997 2700

Hong Kong Society of Critical Care Medicine
Chairman :Dr. Hoi-ping SHUMHon. Secretary :Dr. Arthur Ming-chit KWAN
Council Rep. :Dr. Hoi-ping SHUMTel :2468 6111

Hong Kong Society of Cytology
President :Dr. LAU Wing-szeHon. Secretary :Ms. LEE Chui-ping
Council Rep. :Dr. LAU Wing-szeEmail

Hong Kong Society of Endocrinology, Metabolism and Reproduction
President :Dr. Philip Chi-ngong CHIUHon. Secretary :Dr. Chi-ho LEE
Council Rep. :Dr. Philip Chi-ngong CHIUTel :2255 5043
 Fax :2817 5115

Hong Kong Society of Flow Cytometry
President :Prof. Li-wei LUHon. Secretary :Dr. Xiang LIN
Council Rep. :Prof. Li-wei LUTel :2255 4875
 Fax :2872 5197

Hong Kong Society of Inborn Errors of Metabolism
President :Dr. Grace Wing-kit POONHon. Secretary :Dr. Shuk-ching CHONG
Council Rep. :Dr. Grace Wing-kit POONTel :2632 2982
 Fax :2636 0020

Hong Kong Society of Medical Genetics
President :Dr. Josephine Shuk-ching CHONGHon. Secretary :Dr. Sze-wing CHENG
Council Rep. :Dr. Josephine Shuk-ching CHONGEmail
 Tel :3513 3172
 Fax :3512 7533

Hong Kong Society of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging
President :Dr. Chiu-ming LOKHon. Secretary :Dr. Boom-ting KUNG
Council Rep. :Dr. Chiu-ming LOKTel :3506 7511

Hong Kong Society of Practising Urologists Limited
President :Dr. Martin Kwok-tin WONGHon. Secretary :Dr. Siu-king MAK
Council Rep. :Dr. Martin Kwok-tin WONGTel :2683 8234

Hong Kong Urogynaecology Association
President :Dr. Cecilia Willy CHEONHon. Secretary :Dr. Winnie Nga-ting LAU
Council Rep. :Dr. Cecilia Willy CHEONTel :2958 6049
 Fax :2384 5834

Institute of Biomedical Science (Hong Kong Branch)
Chairlady :Mr. Kin-kun CHANHon. Secretary :Mrs. Siu-mui LONG LEUNG
Council Rep. :Mr. Kin-kun CHANEmail

Management Society for Healthcare Professionals
Chairman :Dr. Yu-fat CHOWSecretary :Dr Cheng Chi Hung
Council Rep. :Dr. Tai-kong YEUNGTel :2861 2668
 Fax :2861 0189

Medical Conscience
Chairlady :Dr. Charas Yeu-theng ONGHon. Secretary :Dr. Adrian Hon-bong LEUNG
Council Rep. :Dr. Charas Yeu-theng ONGEamil

Psychotherapy Society of Hong Kong
President :Ms. Ceilidh Ann HALLORANHon. Secretary :Ms. Claire CHRISTOPHER
Council Rep. :Ms. Ceilidh Ann HALLORAN  

The Hong Kong Association of Blood Transfusion & Haematology Ltd.
Chairman :Dr. Rock Yuk-yan LEUNGSecretary :Ms. Sisi CHENG
Council Rep. :Mr. Nam-kwan CHANTel :2683 8161
 Fax :2683 8162

The Hong Kong Association of Speech Therapists
President :Ms.Jody Pui-yee LAMHon. Secretary :Ms, Karen KEI
Council Rep. :Ms, Karen KEIEmail

The Hong Kong Association of The Pharmaceutical Industry
President :Mr. Raj BHATTIHon. Secretary :No such position
Council Rep. :Ms. Sabrina CHAN  

The Hong Kong Burns and Wound Healing Society Limited
President :Prof. Shekhar Madhukar KUMTAHon. Secretary :Prof. Andrew BURD
Council Rep. :Prof. Shekhar Madhukar KUMTATel :2632 2639
 Fax :2632 4675

The Hong Kong College of Mental Health Nursing
President :Mr. Michael Kwok-fung MAKHon. Secretary :Ms. Michelle Mei-sum NG
Council Rep. :Mr. Michael Kwok-fung MAKEmail

The Hong Kong Continence Society Limited
President :Dr. Man-fuk LEUNGHon. Secretary :Ms. Hoi-yan LAM
Council Rep. :Dr. John FENNTel :2866 2393
 Fax :2866 1811

The Hong Kong Council of Social Service
Chairperson :Mr. Bernard CHANVice-chairperson :
Council Rep. :Mr. Hoi-wai CHUATel :2864 2929
 Fax :2865 4916

The Hong Kong Paediatric and Adolescent Dermatology Society Limited
President :Dr. David Chi-kong LUKHon. Secretary :Dr. James Wesley Ching-hei CHENG
Council Rep. :Dr. James Wesley Ching-hei CHENGTel :N/A
 Fax :N/A

The Hong Kong Pain Society Limited
President :Dr Carina Ching-fan LIHon. Secretary :Dr. Kam-hung WONG
Council Rep. :Dr Carina Ching-fan LITel :3506 6259

The Hong Kong Radiological Technologists' Association
Chairman :Mr. Apollo Pak-leung WONGHon. Secretary :Mr. Thomas Tai-yin CHEUNG
Council Rep. :Mr. Apollo Pak-leung WONGTel :3517 8168
 Fax :3517 5199

The Hong Kong Society for Immunology
Chairperson :Dr. Wenwei TUSecretary :Prof. Zhiwei CHEN
Council Rep. :Dr. Wenwei TUEmail

The Hong Kong Society of Cytogenomics Limited
President :Dr. Anita Sik-yau KANHon. Secretary :Ms. Anna Chi-sum CHAN
Council Rep. :Dr. Anita Sik-yau KANEmail

The Hong Kong Society of Neurosciences
President :Prof. Wing-ho YUNGHon. Secretary :Prof. Kwok-yan SHUM
Council Rep. :Prof. Ken Kin-lam YUNGTel :2819 9171
 Fax :2819 9274

The Hong Kong Society of Paediatric Endocrinology and Metabolism
President :Dr. Man-yee WONGHon. Secretary :Dr. Chun-cheung FU
Council Rep. :Dr. Man-yee WONGEmail

The Hong Kong Society of Professional Optometrists
President :Dr. Vincent Sheung-shun NGHon. Secretary :Mr. Ho-yin WONG
Council Rep. :Ms. Manki CHANTel :3126 9938
 Fax :3126 9980

The Institute for Health Policy and Systems Research Limited
Chairman :Mr. Robert CHIUHon. Sec cum Treasurer :Mr. Benjamin Cheung-mei LEE
Council Rep. :Mr. Benjamin Cheung-mei LEEEmail

The New Medico Legal Society of Hong Kong
Chairman :Mr Christopher LUCASHon. Secretary :Mr Patrick M. BURKE
Council Rep. :Dr Philip Beh Swan LIPTel :2851 7850
 Fax :2851 7848

The Pharmaceutical Distributors Association of Hong Kong Limited
Chairman :Ms. Tina YIPHon. Secretary :Mr. Petercommon CHEUNG
Council Rep. :Ms. Tina YIPTel :2527 8898
 Fax :2865 0345

The Pharmaceutical Society of Hong Kong
President :Mr. Dick SUNGHon. Secretary :Mr. Jonathan NG
Council Rep. :Mr. Dick SUNGTel :2376 3090
 Fax :2376 3091

The Practising Pharmacists Association of Hong Kong
President :Ms. Iris CHANGHon. Secretary :Mr. Tom CHAN
Council Rep. :Ms. Iris CHANGEmail
 Fax :3003 0112

World Association for Chinese Quality of Life Limited
Chairperson :Dr. Danie YT FONGHon. Secretary :Ms. Margaret Siok-mui TAY
Council Rep. :Mr. Kwok-fai LEUNGTel :2958 6166
 Fax :2958 7249
Student Members
Dental Society, HKUSU
Chairperson :Ms. Li-ying LUOHon. Secretary :Ms. Tiffany Chi-lok CHAN
Council Rep. :Ms. Li-ying LUOTel :2859 0551
 Fax :2859 0551

Medical Society, The Student Union of The Chinese University of Hong Kong
President :Mr. Patrick Gei-lap YUENHon. Secretary :Ms. Jet LEUNG
Council Rep. :Mr. Patrick Gei-lap YUENEmail
Tel: (852) 2527 8898 Fax: (852) 2865 0345   4/F., Duke of Windsor Social Service Building, 15 Hennessy Road, Wan Chai, Hong Kong 
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